E-commerce Over Traditional Market – The Advantages

Posted by Ugbana Benson on 26th Feb, 2019

E-commerce history

In 1971 and 1972 the first e-commerce transaction was recorded.  It’s no secret that e-commerce has changed the mode of marketing in businesses in most recent times.  Take advantage of this article to see what your business needs to move forward.

1. No limits on time and space.

By combining your physical shop with an online store, you cast a wider net for potential customers.  With an e-commerce website, people who can’t physically walk into the store as a result of their location or availability of time can still shop. They get the chance to buy from you and have it delivered to them. Your business through e-commerce makes it possible for them to shop on their mobile devices at any given place and time.


2. Attract new customers.

In traditional retail practice, most transactions are with customers with whom you’ve built a relationship with. Customers return because they know you personally. Our marketplace provides you with a method of marketing that will attract a new group of customers. While you enjoy the patronage of walk-in consumers, you’ll also have access to a new group of eager online shoppers who are ready to click links and make instant purchases.


3. Convenient shopping

Internet shoppers are people of habit. They want their purchases delivered to them as conveniently as possible. Majority of the time people are on their mobile devices and don’t want to be bothered with the trouble of doing anything else. Well, having a shop on MyMarto means you get to do the job of delivering what is needed while they relax.


4. lowered running cost

E-commerce enables shops to cut down on cost. As a shop owner, you can oversee your shop while attending to numerous online orders. Reducing your number of employees is possible. This deflation will reflect on your prices thereby allowing you to save extra money.  As a result, you can offer reduced prices on your items. Costumers appreciate this gesture and will return for repeat purchases.


5. Advertising and Marketing.

In this internet age, it’s easy to get your business noticed with the right tools. With the help of organic search engine traffic such as Google, pay-per-click, and social media traffic from platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin. Advertising is not a problem but very expensive. Guess what? All the above channels become highly cost-effective when you are selling through us.


6. Reduced on payable employee numbers.

With e-commerce, almost every step of your day to day business transactions are automated such as checkout, billing, payments, inventory management, and other operational processes lower the number of employees required to run a traditional market.




7. Physical traditional shop.

Did you know that with e-commerce owning a physical shop space is not necessary? An e-commerce merchant does not need a prominent physical location. Your internet presence is more than enough to get customers rolling in.


8. Price comparison.

Consumers love to know that they have unlimited options to chose from when it comes to purchasing. With the help of E-commerce, they have the power to pick from amongst multiple sellers of similar commodities. When you display your store on MyMarto comparing prices is made easy.


9. Provide abundant information

In physical stores, you can teach your employees to communicate the content of your stores to the consumers, but there are restrictions as you can’t inform everyone about every product in the store at a go.  However, with access to e-commerce through our marketplace, it is easy to tell as many products as possible to those looking to purchase. You have the power here as the seller to convince them to buy as many items as you display.


10. Year round service.

It is possible to make sales every day without physically being in your shop. Being open is a huge plus to your business. Throughout the year, e-commerce websites operate, which increases the number of orders from customers, earn more money and local shopping 24/7 is a very convenient option.

MyMarto is a marketplace for revolutionised high street shopping has a lot to offer when it comes to easy internet buying and selling known as e-commerce. We have taken the local/independent store shopping to a whole new level.  We aim to provide convenience to independent and high street shopping.