Vegan Food in Newcastle – Find legit ingredients for your vegan food

Posted by Charles Akanno on 13th Feb, 2019

The vegan food movement is gaining in popularity every single day. At the moment, there are a reported 3.5 million people who recognise as vegans in the UK alone. Around the world, the figure increase by almost three times as many people.

When you add vegetarians into the mix, meat eaters are beginning to lose their grip on the food industry.


What Does Vegan Mean?

In simple terms, it’s a lifestyle where you don’t eat or use anything which includes animal products. From a diet perspective, this means shunning everything from meat to dairy. Whereas some veggies are happy to munch cheese and drink milk, vegans see it as unhelpful.

But, it applies to products too. Anything which is fur or leather is an example of an everyday item which isn’t vegan. That goes for the seats in your car to the boots on your feet, depending on the materials.

The benefits include:

–    saving animals

–    making sure they aren’t mistreated, and

–    helping the environment

Cows release tonnes of CO2 into the air all because people like to put them on their plate.


Staples Of A Vegan Food Diet

Although it’s hard to imagine life without the essentials, the movement has every base covered. For those that want to give up meat yet find it tough, there are plant-based substitutes. Quorn is one of the leading companies in the market which sells everything from vegan mince to sausages and burgers. And, there’s also tofu or tofurkey for those that like to imagine the real deal on their plate.

Dairy-wise, there are fantastic substitutes such as almond and coconut milk. The former is an incredibly healthy feature of any diet as it contains good fats and few carbohydrates.

Of course, anything from the earth is fair game. Beans, lentils and nuts are excellent examples of natural, organic ingredients that offer a balance of vital nutrients. One thing to look out for is “vegan” food which is tainted with preservatives. Also, there is GMO food which comes from an organism that poses as vegan when it isn’t.


Where Can I Find Legit Ingredients In Newcastle?

To avoid getting burned by non-vegan food, it’s vital to shop at places where you can trust their products. When you go elsewhere, there’s a chance what you buy isn’t what is advertised as there are unscrupulous vendors in the industry.

If you are looking for help, the search function can be of assistance. Type in your postcode and the results will pop up in a matter of seconds. Did you know that Hutton & Oliver and Hazel’s greengrocers were only a stone’s throw away? The Honey Tree and Almonds and Raisins Health Foods are incredible outlets too.

For those who can’t be bothered to cook, the city is full of cafes and restaurants which are vegan. PETA UK recommends the Sky Apple and Super Natural cafes among a complete list you can check out on their site. Anyone with a sweet tooth should hit up Wildflower.

With 3.5 million followers, the vegan movement is never too far away regardless of location.


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