Fruit Cutting Hacks - Five Ways to Enjoy Eating Fruits This Winter

Posted by Ugbana Benson on 1st Mar, 2019

Fruit cutting hacks are Important, knowing them make things easier.

Fruit cutting hacks are here to make our lives easier. Fruits are an important part of a healthy diet and so must be consumed regularly. The winter is upon us, so is the cold and dryness. It’s easy this time of the year to catch the flue, however, consuming fruits that are rich in vitamins will help you strengthen your bodies and enable you to fight the cold.

One thing that discourages us, from consuming the right amount of fruit we need, is the stress of cutting them up. All fruits come in a variety of forms These include; hard shells, soft peals, spiky coats and so on.
In this article, you’ll learn how to make your life easier and so much more fun.


Five easy hacks

I’ll tell you the five best fruits for the winter season and how you can access their juice, fibre and flesh, without having to make a big mess. Make sure you have a sharp knife and a chopping board to attempt the following.



An apple a day keeps the doctor away, here’s an easy way to do that. Since apples are around all year round fruit, and quite affordable, it is easy to add them to your daily diet. This fruit isn’t a messy one. However, it turns colour once cut into, and this could discourage people from cutting it up, and saving it for snack time.

Firstly, turn your apples upside down on a board, this way, you are sure it is balanced. Then, imagine you are drawing the hashtag sign (#) on your apple. Cut across the apple horizontally and vertically, this will ensure the core is detached from the flesh, and you can keep all the parts together. By doing so, the colour stays the same until snack time.



The red insides of the grapefruit are very pleasing to the eyes and delicious to consume, however, people shy away from eating this vitamin C potent fruit because of the stress of having to peel away its smooth and shiny back.


That can change with this hack. Use your knife to cut both ends (the top and bottom) of your grapefruit, then stand it on one of the open ends. Begin to cut into the skin from top to bottom all around to reveal the grapefruit. Insert your knife between the flesh and skin that demarcates the fruit. When you have completed that, scoop the delicious fruit out with the knife and serve as desired. Bonus, this trick work for a majority of citrus fruits.


The pomegranate with its hardback makes it quite discouraging to access the red juice-filled seeds inside of it. People look at this fruit and give up, but this will change with this trick. Cut a bit of the top covering off to resemble a pot lid. Use your hands to take the lid bit off, this reveals the seeds and skin, dividing them into sections.

Take your knife and cut along those lines from top to bottom.  Lastly, use your hands to pull the fruit apart, all the parts separate, and you can take out the skin at the middle. Your pomegranate is ready for eating, enjoy.



The kiwi is known for its soft green flesh and slightly hairy exterior. Since the kiwifruit is small with a wet slippery flesh, holding it while peeling is quite a messy experience.

To solve this problem, all you’ll need to make this easy and less messy is a tablespoon. Cut hour kiwifruit into two parts from top to bottom, then take your spoon and insert between the flesh and skin. Wiggle the spoon and go all the way around to separate the to sides and then scoop it out. There you go, your fruit is ready to be eaten, As easy as kiwi.



The watermelon is known to refresh the body because of its high water content, and it also helps that it’s red flesh is sweet. Its size and hardback can be quite intimidating, which is why we have this hack to help you out.

Place the fruit on the flatter of both ends, this keeps it from rolling, when the cutting begins. Use your knife to cut horizontally into as many slices as possible and at your desired thickness. Now, do the same, but this time cut vertically.

You will notice you now have little individual squares cut to your desired size. It’s that easy, enjoy your delicious watermelon sticks made with so much ease.

It will be fun to try all these hacks for yourself and enjoy your healthy snack time. Your fruits are just one click away. Enjoy.


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